Parent Account

How to Guide

Step 1: Sign-up as a "Parent" to start
Step 2: Verify your "Email" (received in few mins)
Step 3: Go to "Account" to Complete Parent Info
Step 4: Find Programs/Services to Register
Step 5: Click Register and Add "Student(s)"
Step 6: Payment (Credit Card Recommended)

Get Started

How do I create a new Parent Account on

  • Create a new parent account: Click "Register" from the homepage and select "Parent" account (highlight it in red). Your old login from "" will not work.

  • Verify your email: Check your inbox or spam folder (if you did not receive it) and click the "Verify" button. IMPORTANT: If you see an "error message" after clicking the "verify" link, please Refresh the page to log out, and log in again to proceed!

  • Note: We are experiencing some issues with Hotmail, Live, Outlook and a few other Emails. Their email server is deleting automated verification emails like ours. Gmail accounts have no problems.

  • If you can not activate your account using a verification email, please email us to help you out.

How do I register after creating an account?

  • After activating your account and logging in: Select the program you are registering for and click the "Register" button.

  • Add your Student information or select an existing student: Click "Add more programs" or "Pay now" to proceed.

  • Note: The "Date of birth" box title is not showing correctly after the Student name section, but you can still click the box the add the "Date of birth."

  • Pay now: Please select the "Credit Card" option as the "E-transfer" is not working correctly.

  • Add more programs: You can add more programs to your "Checkout" screen and pay altogether at the end.

Program Specific questions (i.e. Dates info, what to expect):

  • Please find the contact info of each program is at the bottom of all the program registration pages.

  • Dates & Time info listed on each program page

  • Email your program instructor directly with any questions

Refunds & Cancellation:

  • Go to the "Activities" section of your dashboard, scroll/ look to the right and click the "Action/ 3-dots icon" beside the transaction, and click "Cancel" to submit your cancellation/ refund request.

  • The Program Provider will receive an email notification to review. Once approved, DWUL Online Platform will refund you via the original payment method, 5-7 business days.

  • See more details below under "Contact, Transfer, Cancellation/ Refunds."

Contact, Transfer, Cancellation/ Refunds

Contact - For program-related questions, go to the program page and click the "Contact" button to submit a message to the Program Provider or email them directly.

Transfer - Unfortunately, we cannot transfer a confirmed registration to a different program due to privacy and security issues.

Option 1: Submit a Cancel request for the original program, register and pay online for the new program. You will be fully refunded for the first program.

Option 2: Submit a Cancel request for the original program, register using the "E-transfer" option and send any cost differences/ adjustments to the email address in the "E-transfer" instruction, or request for a refund adjustment.

Cancellation/ Refund request (See screenshot)

Note: All cancellation/ refund requests received 48 hours before the start date are automatically approved for full refunds by DWUL. Any requests received within 48 hours and after the start date will require approval from the Program Provider directly (send a request and contact them to confirm).

How to Edit Student/Person Details

Demo instruction coming soon.

Find Featured Programs for You

Demo instruction coming soon.

Suggest a Program/ Service

Demo instruction coming soon.

Program Feedback, Private Review

Demo instruction coming soon.

"Favorite" a Provider, Program, Service

Demo instruction coming soon.

File a Complaint to Internal Review

Demo instruction coming soon.