Provider Account

How to Guide

Register for a "Provider" account:

Step 1: Register as a "Provider"
Step 2: Verify your "Email"
Step 3: Subscription - Skip this step for now
Step 4: Set-up "Public Profile"
Step 5: Create Listing & Optional Registration
Step 6: Get Registration Reports (optional)

Step 1: Sign-up as a Provider

Visit the

Check the email inbox used for the account signup and click "Verify."

Watch a 2-mins demo video

Step 2: Verify your Email

Check the email inbox used for the account signup and click "Verify."

You will be redirected to your new dashboard and automatically start with a "Free plan" to create your profile and start listing your programs and services. 

If you can not find the Verification and Welcome email, please check your junk or spam folder and add the email address to your contact list to ensure you will receive all the notifications to your account.

Step 3: Subscription Plans (Skip for now)

How to change/ update your subscription?

You must be logged in to your "Provider" dashboard:

Step 4: Create Public Profile

Click "Edit" in your Provider home dashboard.

Complete all the information for your "Public Profile" that will be seen by local families, children and youth, schools, teachers, and social workers.

Highlight your mission and what programs and services you offer in the description section, similar to the "About me" section of a website.

Please ensure your public contact information, such as your organization name, contact, website (enter https:// or http:// before your website address) are up-to-date and accurate if you choose to list them (recommended for credibility). 

Add all the relevant "City Tags," such as the areas of your operations. 

Add all the relevant "Activity Tags," such as the type of programs and services you provide. 

Add your physical location address, or your home base city, in the "Location/ Address" section. 

Step 6: Get Registration Reports

How to Cancel or Refund Request