We empower future generations through our Education Marketplace and Registration Platform, connecting families with a diverse range of afterschool Programs and camps. Our comprehensive services include Online Listings, Promotions, and Registration Administration for Providers, streamlining the process for all stakeholders.

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Educational - Community

Join over 100 providers from British Columbia, Canada, who benefit from DWUL's Community Platform. Tap into a dedicated audience from the education community, such as school districts, schools, parent groups, and families with students K-12. Showcase your programs and services with a thriving network of like-minded educators, gain insights, share experiences, and collaborate to enhance your program offerings.

Engagement - Increase

With 5,000+ parent accounts and a combined reach of 15,000+ through partnership networks and direct promo channels, DWUL offers an unprecedented opportunity to showcase educational afterschool programs and camps directly to a vast and engaged audience. Reach parents who are actively seeking quality educational experiences for their children.

Visibility - Exposure

Stand out from the competition effortlessly. DWUL's established network base ensures your programs receive increased visibility to the education community, including school districts, schools, and families. This makes it easier for parents to discover and select their offerings amidst a sea of educational options.

Simplicity - Streamlined

Focus on what you do best – educating and empowering future generations – while DWUL handles the necessary administrative hassle. Our platform offers listings and promo support, registration and payment administration, ensuring you receive compensation effortlessly and enabling you to dedicate more time to delivering exceptional educational experiences.